Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Home-Made and Lopsided

Hi. I've been back in Brooklyn since last Friday, yet I haven't posted a single word to this blog. Shameful. Oh, I could easily find something to plagiarize and call my own. Everybody's doing it these days. But no, when it comes to my writing, I put together every single word with care, and it all comes out of my very own head. I guess that makes me a loser. Like somebody who bakes a cake at home, very carefully and with love, and they bring it to a party and set it next to the store-bought cake that someone else brought, and everybody wants to eat the professional, factory-made cake instead of the brave little home-made and lopsided cake with clumsily applied frosting, which tastes very good I'm sure, but just doesn't compare to the shiny allure of the store-bought cake.

I'm not sure where this metaphor is going anymore, and I think it's weak of me to compare a factory-made cake to plagiarism. The point is, I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but I do like to spend extra care and time when I do post, and which I clearly haven't done this morning.

But I'm back now from the Catskills, and did a ton of writing. I can recommend it to everybody--find yourself a little cottage on a lake that has no phone and no Internet. You'll be amazed to see how much you get back in touch with yourself and the nature around you, and how quickly that starts to feel normal.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I just recently made a homemade cake for an office birthday party. People knew what it was on sight-- I am not a talented or Martha-esque cake decorator -- and seemed enormously attracted to it's homliness. Which is, to me, very encouraging.


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