Sunday, June 03, 2007

I Invent the World

Did you know that you can take a picture with your new digital camera, download it immediately to your laptop computer and then post it on your blog in a matter of seconds? Here's a sample of my new invention, showing a nearly real-time picture of my desk:

Dave spotted the desk in the basement of our building after a neighbor had thrown it away, and we scavenged it. The Peters World Map above my laptop represents countries accurately according to their surface areas. My coffee has gone lukewarm. I'm reading Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman and listening to You Are Here, a Banco de Gaia CD. The poster in the top left corner is a picture of Christo's wrapped bridge in Paris, and the picture taped to the wall is of me, Dave and our cat Henrik. Scattered about is all the stuff I haven't done yet: ideas for blog posts, articles, people I want to contact, more photos for posting.

What a mind-blowing new invention! I have even more work to do now.


Anonymous said...

this has been possible for years lady!!!!
luv you...

Anonymous said...

oh Joycette,
You're so 1990's!

Clio Bluestocking said...

Hey, I have that map! In the handy placemat size, too. Would that also be the same map, a' la Zapatista, up in the right top corner?

That's a cool invention you have there! When they go on sale, you must let me know!

Joyce Hanson said...

Hey, Clio! Glad you're still checking in. But, uh, I can't tell you what the second map is. I stare at it all the time, but it never registers because my mind is somewhere else. I guess I'm just kind of dreamy.

Anyway, I know how sad my little "invention" is. I know everybody already knew about digital pics and how to post them on blogs. OK? But it's new to me! And when I finally figured out the technology, Luddite that I am, I was so excited and proud that I just had to brag. Though come to think of it, if I really was a Luddite, I'd be smashing my laptop, not learning how to attach my digital camera to it with a USB cable. I guess I'm just kind of slow.