Thursday, November 15, 2007

Janis Joplin Meets Gloria Swanson

This You Tube video is a beauty.

It's a meeting of two Bad Girl greats--Janis Joplin and Gloria Swanson--in the 1970s on Dick Cavett's talk show. Janis has an amazing laugh, Gloria is charmingly youthful, and Dick Cavett does a magnificent job of keeping his compusure.


Lisanne McT said...

Gloria Swanson looks AMAZING...a true old was she at this point?

The Rabbit said...

Hello Joyce!

I've been following your blog for the past one year, and I absolutely llovvvve it!

Great work! Keep posting!

Joyce Hanson said...

Hey, Lisanne. Well, Madame Swanson was born in 1897, which would have made her 73 when this show was taped in 1970. And she lived another 13 years. I'll do the math: Gloria Swanson was 86 when she died. I'll bet she still looked good. Girls, let that be a lesson to us all. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

And a message to "The Rabbit": Thanks for finally revealing yourself. Where ya from? So glad you absolutely llovvvve my blog. Was it La Swanson or Janis Joplin who finally brought you out of hiding?