Monday, March 10, 2008

Blogade Review from the Laziest Girl in Town

I've always wanted an excuse to call myself "the laziest girl in town," and now I've found the perfect one. I was the hostess for yesterday's Brooklyn Blogade and planned the event, but rather than me going to the trouble of writing about it, I'm going to leave that chore in the capable hands of other Blogadeers.

Please go to the Flatbush Gardener's review, which has tons of pictures, including a fabulous one of me being a posey wanker. I tried to download the JPEG, but I couldn't figure it out and am probably stealing or breaking some law by trying, and anyway, I'm too lazy to figure it out. Just go to the Flatbush Gardener's link.

I received a really sweet thank you from Eleanor Traubman of Creative Times:
"When I think about what word comes to mind to describe yesterday's blogade, it's

"First, Joyce set such a warm, welcoming tone for the event. Setting it up for folks to read was such a great idea, really gave us a chance to see each other in a new and deeper way that went a step beyond a Shout Out.

"Second, people who read were generous in terms of sharing different pieces of themselves through their writing - personal stuff, stuff that reflected who they are. That takes courage.

"Third, the folks who ran the restaurant just kept the food coming.....homemade food from their family's cultural tradition. I liked, also, that they got to be part of the event. I saw that they were listening to everything and seemed moved.

"Joyce said it well when she saw the afternoon as a way to humanize technology, see the human faces behind the blogs.

"I feel honored to be part of such an amazing, kind, smart, funny, savvy, and civic-minded group of people."

Thanks, Eleanor! And now here's the complete list of everybody else who came yesterday to the Old Brick Cafe in Kensington:

Blue Barn Pictures
Crazy Stable and A Year in Prospect Park
Found in Brooklyn
Hutch Owen comic strip
Luna Park Gazette
Midnight Cowgirls
Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn
Self-Absorbed Boomer
Washington Square Park

My god. Many of these links contain posts where people have already written about yesterday's Blogade. I've been scooped on my own event. That's what happens to lazy girls who want to appear as if hard work is beneath them. I hope somebody's making some money off of all this energetic reporting. Me, I'd rather swan about on the day of the Blogade, wearing a cute outfit and filling people's wine glasses and asking them if they're having a nice time.


amarilla said...

Oh, you make laziness sound like so much fun. I want to swan about too!
What an excellent expression. If you teach classes on swanning about let me know because that's something I need to brush up on. I think that skill is highly underrated.

Thanks again for the Blögade, I can't imagine a better hostess. I hope you do it again someday.

Brenda from Flatbush said...

"Posey Wanker." That is the best name for a stripper that I have ever heard! Except she would also be something else, and the heroine of her own TV show. How about: "Posey Wanker, Private Eye"?
Thanks so much for bringing the Blogade to my neck of the woods, Joyce, it was delightful and Brick Cafe was a great discovery. Great folks, and a lot of fun.

Lisanne McT said...

Yes Posey Wanker, I mean Joyce!! That IS a great photo, I look deranged in mine. Good job on the blogade! Your swanning around was key to the good time that was "had by all" as they say..Eleanor is right in that "generosity" was theme. SO many good readings!


They sent me home with a doggy bag which contained more food than what was on my plate!

I heart BUREK!

Mrs. Motley said...

Don't forget the lovely Cathryn, of the Washington Square Park blog!

And look, I am the laziest girl in town - I still haven't updated, and now I can just link to YOU and everyone else instead of writing about it myself!

It was fabulous to meet everyone, to drink wine in the afternoon, and also not to make dinner that night; I served leftover lasagna to my old man and our little beasts. See? Lazy.

Anyway, many thanks for putting it together and for being such a lovely hostess. It was an honor to be among you all.

cathryn said...

Everyone is so creative -- even in their COMMENTS!

I had a great time at my first blogade and look forward to attending others. Everyone was so fabulous and incredibly TALENTED. It was inspiring.

Joyce set an incredible, fun, 'go with it' vibe to the whole event and I agree with Eleanor's comment that the people from the restaurant seemed 'part' of the event - which was unusual and so nice.

The reading of stories from everyone's blogs was excellent. Hearing some of it is different than just reading it sometimes, especially as an introduction.

(Thank you Mrs. Motley for remembering me and your nice comment!)

See you all soon.

Anonymous said...

oops. tried to link too!

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