Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vegas Girls! Girls! Girls!

I have been to Las Vegas.
Las Vegas! Woot! They've got a crazy fake Eiffel Tower there.
And a crazy fake New York City.
But most of all, after gambling, they're crazy about girls there.
There's a Pussycat Dolls casino with Pussycat Dolls slot machines. Grrr!
At the cheesiest, most fabulously over-the-top casino of all, Caesar's Palace, they luuuuurrrve the ladies, from old-school naked chicks
to modern-day girls like Cher, Bette Midler and Elton John

Even the Venus de Milo gets a shout-out:

And in the streets, too, the girls cum straight 2 U:
Blonde girls
Bride girls
Babe girls

drinkin' booze out of plastic refillable cocktail bongs

Like I said, they love them some girls in Vegas.

Dancing girls

burlesque girls

It was fabulous. So why did it all seem so exhausting after awhile? Why did I get depressed by the third day? Why was I so happy to go home? Is there something wrong with me that I can't just enjoy the total fabulousness of it all? Gambling, booze and girls girls girls. Somebody's idea of what girls are.

Sex sells! Woot!

The Buddha says that even in the midst of happiness, there is loss and decay. "Nothing in time and space, nothing in the world lasts or can be acquired, however great our desire for things to be other than what they are."
All is impermanence in Las Vegas. Still, I got my picture taken with a showgirl.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful showgirl you got your picture with! I luhuhuuhved your vegas post.

But, is there enough water for Vegas?

Joyce Hanson said...

No, there's not enough water for Vegas. It's gonna disappear someday in a puff of dry dust. Have you ever flown over the desert of Nevada on your way to Vegas?'s a freakin' desert. And Vegas is surrounded.

Clix said...

Okay, NOT that it matters, but I think that's Nike, the goddess of victory, rather than Venus.