Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bellydancers for Obama

If the crazies are correct, Barack Obama is a Muslim Arab. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Why, just last night I attended a "Bellydancers for Obama" fundraiser at the Je"Bon Noodle House on St. Marks Place. The music and dancing were fantastic, and we did our part in filling Obama's campaign coffers!

"Because you know he needs the support a bunch of bellydancers!" said our hostess, Leela Corman. Bellydancers For Obama

Dancers include Nadia Moussa, Thalia, Ranya, Andrea Mistress of Bioluminosity, Alura, Amantha, Mark Balahadia, Leela, Melissa Voodoo, Tandava, Najla, Amy, Zahira, and Anarkali.


Anonymous said...

You know a lot of really interesting people!

Joyce Hanson said...

Thanks, I try my best. And here in NYC, there are lots of interesting people!

Anonymous said...

There are millions of interesting people in NYC. I work at a drug rehab and deal with characters daily...and this is just a small % of NYC.