Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Mad Men Avatar

It's Mad Men night tonight--the start of Series 4--and I'll be watching with friends in Brooklyn and drinking Manhattans and feeling fun and glamorous.

And! I can't stop playing with that new "Mad Men Yourself" toy on the AMC site. You can create an avatar cartoon of yourself, and put yourself in different Mad Men scenes and create a JPEG.

Here's what I look like while drinking a cocktail & saying something very important yet sociably glib:

And here's me in a different pair of glasses, looking sensible and ready the next morning to get back to work (only not in the secretarial pool; in my mind I'm a witty and highly successful yet attractive boss lady type):
And now, to end with a quote from Connie to Don:  
What do you want from me, love? Your work is good. But when I say I want the moon, I expect the moon.