Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obama or Romney: Who's Your Sugar Daddy?

So what do you think? Which U.S. presidential candidate has more promise as a sugar daddy? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? If you picked Obama, congratulations! Your vote is in line with the overwhelming 3-to-1 majority in a poll taken by, which bills itself as the world’s largest sugar daddy dating website, with 1.5 million members.
Ladies, ignore the wedding ring. This man is sugar daddy material!
The site posed the Obama vs. Romney question to more than 30,000 of its female Sugar Baby members this past week, and found that Obama beat Romney in all key swing states and even some Republican strongholds, capturing the hearts of Democrat, independent and even Republican female voters.
A good-looking guy. But a sugar daddy? Not so much.
A visit to the SeekingArrangement site shows that it views a modern sugar daddy as a man who is always respectful and generous. But beware, he can also be a super-demanding paramour: "You only live once, and you want to date the best. Some call you a mentor, sponsor or benefactor. But no matter what your desires may be, you are brutally honest about who you are, what you expect and what you offer."

Oh, a mentor, so that's what they're calling it these days. Somebody ought to get back to Elliot Spitzer on this.

The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post and Vanity Fair magazine, by the way, have all reported stories about, which has a sister website called

Fact is, Romney is certainly a mega-millionaire. So you'd figure that he'd make a better sugar daddy than Obama, a simple Harvard-educated lawyer and bestselling author who managed for years on a humble state senator's salary, right?

Not so, say the SeekingArrangement poll results.
  • 34.1% said they would prefer Obama as their sugar daddy
  •  11.9% said they would prefer Romney as their sugar daddy  
  • 11.1% said they would be happy to have either Obama or Romney as their sugar daddy 
"Barack Obama was by far the preferred sugar daddy. Obama beat Romney by a knockout of 3 to 1,” says Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement, in a statement. “While many unfairly stereotype Sugar Babies as gold-diggers who would gladly accept any wealthy man as their sugar daddy, our survey shows the contrary. Sugar Babies are extremely picky about the men they date.”

Indeed, nearly half, or 43%, said they wouldn’t choose either Obama or Romney for a sugar daddy. But for those who do want a presidential-caliber rich guy in their lives, Obama was the clear winner by double-digit percentages over Romney. The ladies loved them some Obama, from New York to Ohio to Texas to California and even to Romney's home state of Massachusetts, where the vote went 32.8% toward Obama versus only 20.2% for Romney.

“According to our survey, most women say they chose Obama because he is more trustworthy, charismatic and sexy," says Wade, an MBA from MIT. "Obama is funny and is known to be a good dancer. Unfortunately, Romney is still viewed by many as the ‘vanilla’ candidate."

Here's a tip for the Romney campaign: get your candidate to take some dancing lessons.


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