Thursday, February 07, 2008

Brooklyn Blogade on March 9 in Kensington

Hi, Brooklyn Blogadeers!

I'm hosting the Brooklyn Blogade on Sunday, March 9, at 12 p.m., in Kensington at the Old Brick Cafe, a little Italian/Balkan/Mediterranean restaurant on Church Avenue. Please come!

Time for "Show & Tell": Bloggers are encouraged to be brave and give a reading from one of their best blog posts. Or bring along your laptop and a screen and show us your best pics. Or just tell us about your best post. Please plan to limit your presentation to about five minutes so everybody can have a turn.

The Old Brick Cafe's owner, Eddy, and I have planned a lunch, so please arrive on time at noon.

For a cost of $15 per person (tip at our discretion), the menu includes:
--an appetizer pastry called burek
--a main course of cevapi (shish kebab), chicken cutlet or vegetarian lasagna
--dessert and coffee

We will have the place to ourselves as a private party, and you may bring in a bottle of wine if you care to BYOB.

Because Eddy's restaurant is charmingly small, it is essential that I give him a headcount. Please RSVP with me by Thursday, March 6, and be sure to tell me what you want as your main course. Send your reservation to:

The Old Brick Cafe is located at 507 Church Ave. between Ocean Parkway and E. 5th Street (very close to the Church Avenue stop on the F train, and not too far from the Q stop on Church Avenue).


potdoll said...

Have fun Joyce! xx

Kennethwongsf said...

Hey, how did the event go? If I live in the East Coast, I'd be there, but, alas, I'm on the opposite site of the country.

Joyce Hanson said...

Hi, Kenneth of San Francisco. The event hasn't gone yet--it's on March 9. I plan to give a reading and am already nervous. I'll have to do a post about it after the fact. I've always enjoyed your blog posts about performing in public.

I must really be international--not only have I heard from the foreign country of San Fran, but also PotDoll in London! Strange that no comment on this Brooklyn Blogade post comes from Brooklyn...

Anonymous said...


I am from Brooklyn and although I don't think I quite fit into the Blogade criteria (being a, er, blog and all that), I just wanted to stop by and say that it seems like a pretty neat thing. Hope you guys accomplish even more of what you've set out to do.

Elizabeth said...

My husband emailed me a link to this and said he'll watch the kids if I want to come. I might be too shy though. Plus, I've been a very sporadic updater lately. Hmmmm. Maybe? Do you want strangers? :-)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I live in the southern end of Brooklyn and blog. I write about general things that interest me and things I find on the internet.
I've just found your blog tonight --very interrsting!
I'll have to check out all the other Brooklynites blogs too!

Joyce Hanson said...

Hello, Mrs Motley. Yes, please come! I've always depended on the kindness of strangers. I'll add you to my list of readers. I'm sure you'll find a post you've written that you'd want to share. (For example, I liked your Oct. 14 post...) You didn't say if you plan to have lunch. Eddy needs to know! Do you want chicken cutlet, shish kebab or veg lasagna?

Hi, Pat. I'm glad you like my blog, and sorry I don't have more links to Brooklyn bloggers. There are some great sites: Found in Brooklyn, Brit in Brooklyn, Flatbush Gardener, Only Coney, Dope on the Slope, Bed Stuy Banana, Pardon Me for Asking are just a few. Go to one of those sites and you'll find so many Brooklyn blog links you'll be lost in the blogosphere for hours!

Dope On The Slope said...

Joyce, I finally got a link up to this event. I will try my best to be there. The food sounds wonderful.

Don't sweat the show and tell. This is a very friendly and supportive crowd.


bonnie said...

burek...I looooooove burek...makes me extra-sad I can't make it. Not just for the burek, the whole thing sounds fun - but pastry full of hot melted gooeylicious goat cheese is reason enough. mmmmmmm.

Shirley Frazier said...

Hi Joyce,

Just read about your event on the Bed-Stuy Blog.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, I'm just across the water but am sorry to have another event planned for the same day. I maintain three blogs (gift baskets, business marketing, fearless speaking) and would love to meet others.

Perhaps my Fearless Speaking blog will boost your confidence -

I know you'll do well, and the event will be fabulous.

Best wishes,

Shirley Frazier

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